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Blue Light Blockers

Blue Blockers

Bamboo Gorilla sunglasses... the choice is easy!

UV400 Protection | Polarised lenses | Hand crafted | FSC certified wood | Free cloth and pouch

The Classic Wayfarer


Eco-fashion. Made seriously

Hello fellow apes.

Following our commitment to improving life on this planet by reducing plastic waste in our oceans, Bamboo Gorilla’s sunnies are carefully hand-crafted out of 100% FSC™ certified wood or bamboo. Our UV400 lenses are guaranteed Category 3 according to the Australian/New Zealand standard, making them one of the highest-grade sunnies out there for everyday sun glare reduction and UV protection. Guilt-free fashion that’s good for the planet — made seriously. Bamboo Gorilla is a step in the right direction. We are the way of the future! Not only are our sunnies hand crafted, they are smooth, lightweight and stylish. Every lens has UV 400 protection and are Category 3 sunglasses.