FAQs – BambooGorilla.com.au


Are Bamboo Gorilla sunglasses polarised?

Yes, all of our sunnies have polarised lenses.

Do Bamboo Gorilla sunglasses have UV protection?

Yes, our entire range of sunnies have Catergory 3 UV400 protection.

Will the wood/bamboo feel heavy or scratchy on my face?

Contrary to how it may look, no, the wood/bamboo feels surprisingly lightweight. It is not uncomfortable or irritable in any way as it has a smooth finish especially in places where it matters ie; nose ridge and temples.

How do I know if the sunnies will fit my face?

Majority of our sunnies have spring hinges allowing for a fit on most faces

They look fragile, will they break easily?

Our sunnies are made from natural materials and the finished product is quite durable, but like anything they must be treated with care. If they are sat on or put under too much pressure they will break just like any other pair of sunnies. They must also not be worn on top of your head. They should be stored in your velvet lined, eco-friendly cork case when not worn. 

Do you ship from Australia?

Yes, we are an Aussie brand and ship right out of Melbourne, Victoria.

How long does shipping usually take?

Orders are processed and shipped out between 1-2 business days, (although most of our orders get dispatched the very same day- if within business hours). We here at Bamboo Gorilla pride ourselves in speedy dispatch, as we want you to start enjoying your sunnies straight away.

Once in the post, it can take from 2 - 4 business days to arrive at its destination inside Australia. 
Once in the Australia Postal system, it’s out of our control.

PLEASE NOTE; Due to the current pandemic, delivery times are slower.

Do the sunglasses come with a case or does that cost extra?

Your sunnies will safely arrive at your door in a compact case which folds away when not in use. The case is included in the purchase so nothing extra on you. The interior is made from velvet and the exterior from cork which is not only lightweight but also eco friendly.

If that isn't awesome enough, you will also receive a free soft pouch and cleaning cloth to keep those lenses clean and shiny!

What percentage of blue light do your blue blockers block?

Our Bamblues block 95% of harmful blue light

What portion of the electromagnetic spectrum do your Bamblues block?

Our Bamblues block the wavelength of 400 - 500 nanometers which covers the blue light part of the visible part of the spectrum. (Refer to our Blue Blockers page for more info.)

Are you Bamblues made from plastic frames as they look in the picture?

No our Bamblues, just like our sunnies, have wooden frames which are FSC certified. We don't like plastic!

Can your Bamblue glasses be worn in place of sunglasses?

No. Our our Bamblue glasses do not block out UV rays and should not be worn during the daytime as they will distort other colous. They are for evening use only and give you the greatest benefit when worn after sunset (optimally 2 hours before bedtime.)