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About us

Saving The Planet, One Pair Of Sunglasses At A Time

With all these pictures of plastic islands in our oceans, marine life ingesting plastic and then yes us humans- further up the food chain- then ingesting that same plastic, hmm makes you think, doesn't it! But how do I stay environmentally conscious yet still look amazing? Uh huh! Thats where we come in!

If you’re like us, you’ve researched and pictured what the end of the world looks like. Rising water levels, intense heat, and plastic sunglasses floating around everywhere in the ocean....along with those damn plastic straws!

With Bamboo Gorilla, you can be a part of a new revolution.

A revolution to help our planet by reducing the amount of pollution in the air. A revolution to reduce the amount of plastic causing harm to oceanic creatures.

…And a revolution to look slick and be part of a new “in-crowd” setting the latest fashion trend.

Our Bamboo Gorilla Sunglasses:

  • are hand-crafted from wood and bamboo
  • are Incredibly durable
  • have Polarized lenses
  • have UV400 protection
  • come with a stylish, lightweight and compact (foldable) cork case with velvet interior for extra protection

Join the fashion eco-revolution today!